Welcome to Commonsense Consulting

We are a Sydney-based MSP with clients all up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia and even a couple overseas. We are your one-stop shop for all things IT for the Small to Medium business.

We have a new website in the works but until that time if you wish to contact us,
please call Anthony on 04 333 44 333 or you can email us at info@commonsense.com.au


Increase your business productivity, delight your customers and keep your people smiling.

We help you to uncover productivity gains and opportunities with our SME-centric high-performance IT support.


Face your customers and the future with confidence, knowing your technology is protected.

Build your reputation, your resilience and make security part of your business USP with our visible cyber security service.


Drive your business forward, with successful technology innovation that delivers real results.

You’ll do more successful high-return projects with our proprietary Profit Stacks innovation Framework and Project Portfolio Management service.

About Us

Commonsense Consulting provides prompt, expert-level technical services to business customers around Australia.

Managing the numerous technologies and maintaining industry compliance is a considerable undertaking and virtually impossible for one person to manage large environments successfully. Commonsense Consulting alleviates the worry of technology and brings numerous advantages by gaining a team of experts to manage technical customer operations and maintain compliance.

Our Products & Services

Just like larger companies, your small or mid-sized business requires the right technology to operate efficiently and productively.

Internet & Security

Cloud Computing


Ready to create a proactive IT Strategy

We’re ready to help! Get in touch with us to begin your journey and transform your tech from costing you money to making you money.